Herman Martin

The new film by Annick Ghyjzelings with music by Herman



A new short film ‘Das Bunker’

Das Bunker 'A short film from Herman Martin

I’ve now finished my new film  ‘Das Bunker’, a small nod to the great claustrophobic epic.The film is set in a bunker environment as a vehicle for my own personal feelings of confinement and yet secure self delusion. A feeling of being completely cocooned from any outside invasion, a feeling of a lonely battle with the dark night of the soul…

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27 Times Time (27 Fois le temps 2016)

Another great film by Annick Ghyjzelings which I did the soundtrack to.

New nu jazz video: Ferk

“Ferk”, featuring bassist Bart De Nolf from the album “Pretensions of a Stranger in a Strange Land”.
I had this idea for several years before I found an alternative way of producing it. Originally it was a piano piece which works quite well but sounds like something from a piano exercise book. As usual I stumbled upon someone… a great Jazz musician called Arild Anderson and his album ‘Hyperborean’. On certain tracks it has this very special vibe, sort of cold and thin on first listen but that was enough to point me in the right direction.

‘Ferk’ is not an hommage to the piece but the vibe was what I was looking for. Again I seem to have a strange affiliation with Scandinavian music… maybe too much listening to early Bugge Wesseltoft? Or I like the idea of living in a quiet featureless landscape and watching the original ‘Wallander’? The music in that was fantastic… But ‘Ferk’ is a very urban sort of thing.

Showing of the short film “The very minute, unfinished 1”

The very minute, unfinished 1 > 7 from Annick Ghijzelings on Vimeo. “The very minute, unfinished 1” is a short art film by award-winning director Annick Ghijzelings for which I composed the music. I’m currently working on another one, with a film for another director in the pipeline as well.

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Electro Jazz album”

“Pretensions of a stranger in a strange land” was originally conceived in 2003 after my first encounter with Bugge Wesseltoft, the Norwegian jazz pianist. This style known as ‘Nu-Jazz’, amongst other numerous categories, is what I personally call ‘Scandie music’, in other words music from Scandinavia. It’s a bit cold and dark up there so they haven’t got much else to do but stay indoors and practice, which is maybe why they have such a special touch and ability… very technical and dare I say it… a bit on the cold side… but definitely impressive and innovative.

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